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Migraine Miracle® Treatment

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According to the American Massage Therapy Association,  migraines, which have a wide-range of symptoms, affect around 50 million people in the US each year. They can be caused from a variety of triggers including stress, hormones, food allergies, environmental agitation or even a combination. 

Migraine Miracle® treatment is a natural, safe, holistic and uniquely instinctual method for relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches. It incorporates marble stones, aromatherapy and massage to offer relief for this painful condition. The stones are marble and specially designed to be strategically placed on parts of face and head. Their color and structure is particularly suitable for maintaining the 36° temperature recommended for maximum relief of swollen blood vessels.* 

Migraine Miracle® treatment provides a renewed sense of balance and harmony along with dramatic relief from migraine headaches without the use of prescription drugs.

1 Session (~30min)............$40

Package of 5 sessions........$175 

Package of 10 sessions.......$300