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Team Wellness & Massage Center

Team Wellness & Massage Center is proud to partner with Adeline Belle, an experienced, professional and licensed Esthetician who has over 7 years experience, and has worked with multiple places using various waxes in both NJ and NY.  She also has experience doing laser, but prefers the natural and permanent treatment for hair removal.   Her technique, knowledge and expertise make her extremely qualified.  A few things people have said about their waxing experiences with Adeline:

"I would highly recommend Belle for all your waxing needs." Erika

"I am very pleased with her services and would recommend all my friends to try her out."  Diana

"I was impressed with the customer service each step of the way. Belle was extremely professional, skilled, and compassionate."  Hanna

"This has been by far the best wax I have ever received!" Numerous Customer Testimonials


Adeline provides regular waxing, but for those clients looking for permanent results she uses a natural enzyme serum that stops the cells from producing hair growth to treat the area being waxed.  By the 6th treatment you will notice a significant reduction in hair growth.  For a complete hair removal, a minimum of 1 year of sessions are required.  Your First Appointment will include a detailed Consultation.

Adeline offers a full range of waxing services to suit all your needs.

Waxing Areas for Women: Bikini, Legs, Arms, Underarms, Stomach, Face

Waxing Areas for Men: Back, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Eyebrows

Price List

Adeline uses wax manufactured in Australia by Caronlab.  They have renowned the world over as leaders in superior salon products and innovations.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make the waxes (most other wax manufacturers use Chinese Gum Rosin, which can cause allergic reactions).  The waxes are tested to strict quality control measures so you get exceptional results every time.